Article Marketing

Many online marketers refer to Article Marketing as their secret weapon.

Why is article marketing so valuable?

  • The search engines love fresh content, so having an article marketing strategy can provide fresh content to your site
  • Articles pre-sell visitors to your site. If you take 1,000 visitors from a Google Adwords ad and compare the results of 1,000 visitors coming from an article about your company or products, the article traffic will convert 7 times more visitors to customers.
  • As articles are made available to other sites and directories, you get links back to your site increasing your search engine ranking
  • Web surfers will run across your articles on other sites, in ezeines, in directories, even when they are searching using the search engines so you get increased exposure and more traffic.
Turn-key solution
Most people hate writing, especially if it is going to be seen by lots of others view website. We do it all for you:
  • We identify the right keywords
  • We write the articles
  • We put in the calls to action
  • We have links to the appropriate pages on your site
  • We create articles the follow all of the rules for the directories and other locations
Let article marketing become one of your secret weapons as well.

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