Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the systematic use of emails to convert prospects into  customers and to encourage existing customers to buy again.

Is email marketing dead?

There has been a lot of discussion that with the advent of social media like Facebook and Twitter that email might be dead. There is so much SPAM and competition it would at first seem like “they” are right about email marketing’s death.

Take a look at one of the more successful companies online, Groupon. All of their revenues come from people on their list responding to the email offers they send out each day. From January of 2010 they grew from $10 million / month in revenue to over $80 million / month.

To be effective

To be effective in email marketing you need:

  • A system for building the list
  • An ESP (Email Service Provider)
  • Eye popping subject lines that will get recipients to open their emails
  • Quality emails with clear calls to action
  • And a long term plan for following up

There is a great marketing saying, the more you mail the more you make.

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