Link Building

In every discussion of increasing web traffic, Link Building is always discussed.  It must be important to getting traffic but why is that the case.

Why Link Building

Search engines have an unenviable task for trying to decide which web pages to display on the first page,  second page, etc.

They also have to decide which page should show up first on page one, which one should second, etc.

They have to do this in such a way that it pleases the person searching for results. If the searchers aren’t happy with the results they’ll go to a competitive search engine until they find one that returns the kinds of results that are they are looking for.

How does a search engine decide?

All things being equal, they primarily choose based upon the page with the most links pointing to it will be the first result display. Of course it isn’t really quite this simple. There are actually dozens of factors, most of which are kept secret, the number of links is still the biggest influencer.

The reason for the importance of the number of links pointing to a single page is the search engines look for automatic ways to decide and number of links had a very important corollary with their background. Professors that create and publish papers aren’t judge by how well it was written, it is judged by how many times the paper is quoted. So the more links pointing to a page, the more it was “quoted.”

What We Do

We provide quality links to your site using a variety of link building strategies. Over the years the source of the link has become more and more important. It would be nice if you could just order X amount of links, one time, and become the first search result for all of the important keywords for your site. Unfortunately, the sites that used to be ahead of you, want to get ahead of you again because they miss the traffic they used to receive from search engines.

This means it is best to have link building be a recurring event, not just a one time event.

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