Local SEO

Are you a local business?

How would you know?

If a good portion of your business comes from your local areas: neighborhood, city, metro area or county then you are a local business.

In the past it has been very difficult for a local business to get enough traffic to waste time getting traffic from the Internet.

In the last few years, search engines have realized how many people were searching for local business. Currently 20% of all searches on Google have a local search term like “boston attorney.”

Google Places

Google added Google Places where it shows a map of the top ten listed sites and has special listings for them. Google and other search engines have a much better idea of where a searcher is located and is quite accurate and providing the correct results. So now searchers don’t have to enter “boston attorney” by just entering “attorney” the search engines return the ones in Boston if that’s where you are search from.

Importance of Local Search

Over 80% of buyers of local products first search online before buying locally.

Soon it will be if you can’t be found on the search engines you will be out of business.

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