On Page Optimization

The major focus of Search Engine Optimization is primarily on doing activities external to your website.

Importance of On Page Optimization

An insider’s secret to increasing your search engine traffic is there some very powerful things you can do to increase the search engine results.

A good example is the title tag for each web page.

Many people either leave the title tag blank or give every page the same title.

This is a complete waste.

Help out the search engines

The search engines use the title as one of the biggest clues to indicate what that webpage is all about storecialis.net.

The insider’s secret is that you should have the keywords you are trying to optimize that particular page for included in the title of the page.

So if you wanted to have a page optimized for the keywords “personalized dog collar” it is important to include that into the title. The title tag could read:

<title>Personalized Dog Collar: Put your dog’s name on his collar to ensure your his safe return</title>.

It is both readable by the reader and is optimized for search engines.

We optimize each page for 12 most important On Page Optimization elements.

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