Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process designed to improve a websites visibility in the search engine and get more traffic to your website. The main focus is to entice as many visitors to your website as possible.

A search engine like Google has two major areas to display results and sometimes a third area.

Paid Search Results

If there are any paid ads for a search term, those are displayed as the first three lines of results with a slightly tinted background. If there are more than three paid ads for a term, those will show up on the right column of the search results.

Depending on the visitor and the market, the paid ads will generally not entice as many visitors to click on those results as the natural search results.

Natural Search Results

The natural search results are the the results listed just below the paid ads in the middle column of the results. The search engines have quite a complex set of rules (that they don’t publish) for how they prioritize the results in that section.

It is estimated there are more than 200 rules, some of which include:

  • Is the content relevant to the search terms? In other words is this site generally talking about those topics or not
  • Which of the pages has more links pointing to the it that are most relevant to the topic? Its like a voting system, the more links to a page the more votes it gets because it appears as if others think its worthwhile and link to it.
  • Of all of the visitors to these pages, which ones held people’s attention longer?
  • Which ones are formatted with the right information to make it easier for search engines to better understand the focus of each page?

Local Search Results

There is sometimes a third group of results kamagra oral jelly uk. The local search results.

For topics where the results are primarily based upon the physical closeness of the location, the local search results return local business websites. So if the visitor is searching for “email marketing” it really doesn’t matter where the business that owes that website is located, email marketing is not location sensitive.

On the otherhand if a person is searching for a dentist or a plumber, returning the Atlanta plumbers to a person search for a plumber in Seattle, wouldn’t make sense.

Each search engine is at war with their competitors to provide the most relevant results to the searcher…otherwise the searcher will go elsewhere.

The other war going on is between competitive websites. Each one wants to show up higher in the search results than their competitors. So they each try to fool the search engines into showing their site first.

If you use cheap tricks to get ranked ahead of your competitors, you will eventually get penalized by the search engines. The cheap tricks are often called “Black Hat” techniques. Avoid using them at all costs because when you are discovered you can be penalized if not completely delisted from the search engines, meaning you will not get traffic from them.

We use “White hat” techniques to increase your search engine results. This keeps you from having a bad day when traffic stops showing up at your website.

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