Why Did Rihanna Cancel Her Dallas Show? Is Rihanna Pregnant? What does it have to do with Google and SEO?

by on April 17, 2013

Why did Rihanna cancel the Dallas show tonight?

Answer:  I don’t know if we’ll ever know the complete, entire reason.

Is Rihanna pregnant, and is that why she cancelled the Dallas show?

A)   Could be, maybe, maybe not.

Does it matter?

A) Depends….on whether you’re taking bout her health, or the show.  Either way it does matter….to someone.  To me, it matters on both fronts.  TOTALLY bummed about the cancelled show.   This is the 2nd concert out of over 700 I’ve been to where the artist has cancelled the show.  ONLY 2 out of 700+.  So  I’ve been fortunate in that matter.

As for Rihanna’s health, of COURSE it matters.  EVERYONE’s health, whether physical or mental matters….

So, is it laryngitis or is Rihanna pregnant?

I’d expect that Rihanna has insurance – not only health, but on her ability to perform and her tour, but nevertheless, I’d say that it’s pretty damn expensive to cancel a show like this….. both financially as well as other….. moral of artist, band, crew, locals, fans, etc.  Backlash from whack fans spouting negative spew who have no idea, and have bags over their heads.

Now the symptoms of laryngitis sound much similar to those of smoking (whatever) and drinking, and whooping and hollering and partying all night suivez ce lien.

If  were here, would I want to walk on stage and deliver a sub par performance?   HELL NO.   She’s a brand, and needs to uphold that brand.     IF she brought about the laryngitis due to her own actions, shame on her.  Either way I hopes she gets better…

Pregnant?   She’s definitely been hanging out with her man, as attested to by Instagram, and MANY other sources….


What does this have to do with Google and SEO?   EVERYTHING.   One thing is said, and it may or may not be true, today, tomorrow, or never, or ever.   What works today, and is producing outstanding results, might be the end of the game tomorrow, on a whim, and at the drop of a hat.  There is one foundation, and that foundation can have a wide variety of forms, and anything beyond that doesn’t matter.

Also, in both situations everything is ambiguous.  You can’t positively confirm or nail down anything.  There is no empowered help desk on either end.  Just a few words with which you must make due….

“Concert Cancelled”

“We are aware of the situation, and have no plans to resolve it”….

Ok, let’s vote.  Well, it’s really not much of a contest.   Whenever I hear or read the words “We are aware of the situation and have no plans to resolve it…”   That pretty much sums it up.   I translate that as we suck, we’re broke, an we ain’t never going to fix it…..   Looser..

Rihanna wins hands down over Google…..  She can pick it back up and slam it, while Google is broke, don’t plan on putting forth an effort, and take it as you see it , like it or not…..  Much like a pissed as hell rapper with a chip on it’s shoulder…..    Rihanna is class, mystery, and youthful fun and indiscretion.   Google is the older, supposedly more wise one, who is actually the arrogant, complete fool…..

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