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by on March 1, 2012

The big Google lie….

Over the past few days/months quite a few people have been met with the above message in their Google Webmaster Tools..  Google Webmaster Tools – notice of detected unnatural links to …

You know what?  I think Google’s running a scam – trying to out link networks and large sources of unnatural links, high PR inbound links, and trying to threaten web masters and have them shaking in their shoes and wanting everyone to panic and run around in circles chasing themselves and out anything/everything they’ve done to try to increase their rankings..

My first thoughts?  Delete the message out of webmaster tools, and see what happens.  If nothing, just move on.  If you get removed from search results, then what are you supposed to do?  Refer to Google to find the artificial links to your site?  The same Google that reports one link per hundred to thousand actual links?   Last time I checked Google, it said that I had 5 links or 10 links…..funny…  SO – now I’m supposed to comb through the “5 links” I have and make sure that they aren’t spam.  Hrm.  3 of them are on site links and the other two are links from blog comments.   Oh What Oh What is a webmaster to do?   Ignore the warning, soak up the sun, and build some links…..

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Kate Mathews June 8, 2012 at 5:51 am

You are absolutely correct in this. Google is telling website owners that they have unnatural links when these links come from valid posts in article directories and advert directories. Webmasters are receiving messages from SEOs etc saying “please remove links from your site …….”. This effectively means dismantling Ad directories and article directories. Obviously this is all about Google forcing as much traffic as possible into the Adwords payment model.


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